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Monster Boobs – Nut

He there guys and gals. And as per usual, welcome back to a new monster boobs update with a brand new and hot little Asian lady. And little is the key word. Her name is Nut and we’re pretty sure that that’s what most of the guys will be doing when they will get a load of this cutie too. She’s got some of the biggest tits to date here on the site and you have to check her out. Nut herself is quite petite compared to her breasts, but she’s really proud of them and at how big, round and perfect they are, she enjoys all the attention from the guys too. Let’s sit back and see her expose her sexy monster tits for you today as she gets to play kinky in front of the cameras and you all too!

First order of business for her is to show off her dresses and more or less how poor fitting they are around her incredibly big tits here. But pretty soon, the busty beauty is in just her panties and on top of the bed and it looks like the cutie gets to play with herself a big while she fondles those huge farang ding dong boobs as well. You get to see her moan as she plays and we bet that you’ll fall in love with little miss Nut here too. Well with that being said, we’re hopeful that you had fun with her monstertits gallery here this afternoon and we’ll have another next week. Until then enjoy this one and have fun. And do check out the past scenes for some more hot and juicy big tit updates!


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