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Monster Titties

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new babe with some more nicely big and round┬ámonster titties this afternoon. Now this babe’s tits might not seem as big as some of the others that you have seen, but you should note that this lovely lady is quite petite and small in stature. So instead of growing tall, it is very clear where all that growth spurt energy went into. Well she doesn’t really mind it as it just makes guys more likely to pay attention to her and her only and she likes herself being treated like a queen too. Well let’s get to see this babe with┬ámonster tits as she gets to show them off and you can see her playing with her tits in this┬ámonstertits scene too!


As all the lovely ladies around this place, this one too gets around to show off her lovely wardrobe and how she had to customize some of her attire to fit her simply humongous boobs too. So for her scene, you get to pretty much see her taking her time to play around the house and expose those big tits for you. She does get to be a tad more naughty too, and apart from playing with her tits you will get to see her fondling them too while she gets to touch herself down there too while she slips her hand in her panties. Anyway, we’re sure you’ll have fun with it and we’ll see you again next week with another new scene. Be sure to come by to check it out!

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